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Written information on Parkinsonís disease for professionals


The Parkinsonís Disease Society (tel 020 7931 8080)  publish a range of written material for professionals (including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists) dealing with people with PD.

Recent books on PD and its management include:

  • ĎParkinsonís disease and Parkinsonism in the Elderlyí,, by Jolyon Meara and William Koller, published in 2000 by Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0 521628 849

  • ĎPsychiatric and Cognitive Disorders in Parkinsonís diseaseí by Sergio Starkstein and Marcello Merello, published in 2002 by Cambridge University Press. ISBN 052 166 3059

  • Parkinsonís Disease and the Older patient : A Practical Guide to Assessment and Clinical Managementí,  by Jeremy Playfer and John Hindle, published in 2001 by Hodder and Stoughton. ISBN 0 340 759 143

  • ĎThe Clinical Atlas of Parkinsonís Diseaseí, by David Nicholl and Adrian Williams, published in 2002 by Blackwell Publishing. ISBN 1 405 107 782

  • ĎFast Facts : Parkinsonís diseaseí, by Christopher Clough, K Ray Choudhuri, Kapil Sethi, published in 2003 by Health press. ISBN 1 89 954 1446
  • ĎParkinsonís Disease in Practiceí, by  Carl Clarke, published in 2001 by Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd, London. ISBN 1 853 154 865

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Some recent review articles on aspects of PD include


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