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Useful written material (books and leaflets) for people with Parkinson's disease


The Parkinson’s Disease Society (tel 020 7931 8080)  publish a range of booklets and information sheets on all aspects of PD. Many are available free of charge.

There are many excellent books providing background information about PD and its management, some written by and about people with PD. They should be available via or your local library, or to purchase from bookshops, or online from www.amazon.co.uk

Books written by professionals for people with PD include:

‘Parkinson’s At Your Finger Tips’, by Marie Oxtoby and Adrian Williams, published in 2002 by Class Publications, London. ISBN 1 872362 96 6

‘The New Parkinson’s Disease Handbook’,  by Harvey Sagar, published in 2002 by Vermilion   ISBN 009 188 3873

‘Parkinson’s Disease: A Guide for Patient and Family’, by Jacob Sage and Roger Duvoisin, published in 2001 by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.  ISBN 0 781 729777

‘Parkinson’s disease and the Art of Moving : Dancing with the Dragon’, by John Argue, published in 2002 by New Harbinger Publications. ISBN 1 572 24 1837

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Understanding Parkinson’s Disease’, by J Pearce and Tony Smith, published in 2000 by Family Doctor Publications, London. ISBN 1898 20 5868

‘Parkinson’s Disease Self-care manual’, edited by RK Griffiths and EH Coene, published in 2000 by the September Foundation, Amsterdam. ISBN 90 72248 481

‘Parkinson’s disease: a self-help guide for patients and carers’, by Marjan Jahanshahi and C David Marsden, published 1998  by Souvenir Press, USA. 

Books written by people with PD include:

‘Parkinson’s Disease - the Way Forward’, by Geoffrey Leader, Lucille Leader, et al, published in 2001 by Denor Press, London. ISBN 0952 60 5686

‘Parkinson’s: a patient’s view’, by Sidney Dorros, published in 2000 by Class Publishing, London. ISBN 1 872363 70 2

‘Parkinson’s disease. My Constant Companion. A neurologist’s experiences as a patient’, by Kari Aho, published in 2000 by Anekdootti Communications. ISBN 952 91 3687 0

‘Living Well with Parkinson’s’, by Glenna Wotton Attwood and Lila Green Hunnewell, published in in1991 by John Wiley and Sons. ISBN 0471525391

This site has been established for the dissemination of information. While every effort is made to ensure that information on this site is accurate and current we accept no liability for any omissions or inaccuracies that may have crept in. If in any doubt please contact your doctor for further advice.

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